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Clothing Design
Clothing Design 

The Clothing Design workshop covers a lot of scope on this industry. The Workshop is very practical and "hands-on" giving everyone the opportunity to "create", whilst at the same time offering helpful advice on design and how to wear various fashions.

Participants can try T-shirt customising, bring their own jeans to be re-worked, create accessories from scratch, use various fabrics and art materials, cut and slash, sew and paint - the list goes on. Our tutor will advise the group on fashion do's and don'ts, different ways to wear things, advice on re-vamping your wardrobe at no-cost and will take the group through the latest up and coming fashion. They will then help to bring your designs to life by working with templates to create fashion illustrations and designs.

The workshop can finish with fun catwalk modelling of the clothes and accessories that have been created.


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