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Art of Poi
Art of Poi - Poi Passion 

Poi Passion has many years experience in working with young people of all ages and abilities. We are constantly researching into the positive effects of poi spinning on a physical, emotional and mental level for individuals, especially children.

Poi Passion is aware of the constant studies being done connecting co-ordination and movement arts like poi with increased brain activity, concentration and ultimately an increase in learning potential.

Packages can be one off events or structured to run over a school term, if booking for more than 4 consecutive sessions (whether once a day/week/month) a 10% discount is available off the total price. If you wish for more children than stated to attend another teacher will be provided at an extra £100 per session for up to 40 children.
Workshops can be adjusted to include preparation and instruction for a performance by the children at the end. If you wish to have a performance created to be shown to parents at a separate time this would cost an extra £50 as your poi instructor would need to be present throughout the performance.


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