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Ice Sculpting
Ice Sculpting   Full UK Coverage

Our ice sculptures can range from the very detailed, such as a portrait or custom corporate logo to an abstract piece of ice art, the choice is yours. 

Our ice sculptures can also be functional if you wish, we create a variety of utilities including raw bars tables, fully functional ice bars, ice vases, ice bowls and ice luges.

We service various clients ranging from high end catering halls, party planners, photography experts and the general public.

All of our sculptures are made from the purest water available.  Using only the best reverse osmosis water filtration system, we are able to offer, beautiful, sparkling, crystal clear ice that exceeds the Food Hygiene requirements.   


Every carving block, measuring 100cm x 50cm x 25cm, uses over 30 gallons of water and takes over 3 days to freeze, this ensures that your sculptures are of the highest quality.  Pure ice lasts longer and shines brighter than ice with impurities. 

Consequently, all of our sculptures are designed to last in good detail for 4-5 hours.  This is long enough for most functions, however, after this time you will still have the shape of the design but the fine detail will have disappeared. 


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