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Poi Performers
Fire Performers  

Our Fire Performers are skilled in fire dancing, twirling, juggling and fire eating. These artists combine dance, acrobatics, torches, poi, staffs and sticks to create a visually spectacular show. Depending on the artist, they can rove, perform as a sideshow or be incorporated in your event as a complete act.

All Clown Leisure fire shows / fire acts are performed by a group of highly trained pro-technicians. Each artist is a true master with his or her own pyrotechnic paraphernalia. Our Artists use contemporary inspiration and the element of fire is presented in a multitude of forms to create our unique blend of light and dance.

 This high impact fire show can be completely choreographed and performed to our or your favourite music. If you have space restrictions or you simply would like us to meet and greet your guests we can improvise to any music you choose or we can supply our own.
The shows can be performed indoors (with the right precautions) or outdoors. The fire effect is best appreciated in the evening.


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