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'Listening to a storyteller can stimulate children’s and adults imagination and contribute to speaking and listening skills, as well as helping to develop and enrich creative writing, poetry, drama, music and art'

A well told story can take an audience from a gasp of shock to a scream of laughter in the twist of a phrase. It can leave the listener more exhilirated and moved than anything on a screen can do - the immediacy and intensity of a live performance which reaches every child in the audience is priceless.

A good Storyteller takes children to another world, where they stretch their imaginations and run the gamut of emotions; they can sympathise and empathise, rationalise and quantify. Their own experiences can be related to others and learned from, and their understanding of the world around them is developed. Listening to a good Storyteller can help enable a child to find their own voice in the world.



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