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Snakey Sue
Snakey Sue 

Sue is a well known Snake Dancer in London, with lifelong experience as a Belly Dancer

If you are looking for a Snake Charmer, her snakes and Sue are extremely charming.
Her Snake Dance and/or Belly Dance performance can be self-contained with recorded music, or with live music performed by Odysseus a duo that have rehearsed a show together with Sue - for a very polished event. Odysseus play Greek and/or English/American Pop.

Sue has kept snakes for 17 years, has rescued homeless snakes for 15 years & as an experienced snake handler can bring up to 8 snakes alone and with the help of assistants, up to 16 snakes for Fun-days and Teambuilding Events.

Sue's "Snake Encounters" is unforgettable educational experience as a Children's Entertainer she brings 6 to 8 snakes of varying sizes. The snakes that Sue brings are given so much TLC that they enjoy the stimulation they get from going out and mixing with people.
Snakes are particularly good for Special Needs as they are tolerant and have a calming and therapeutic affect.


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