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Sonic Manipulator   Full UK Coverage

A truly unique and spellbinding act. The Sonic manipulator has to be seen to be believed!

Imagine watching as a silver clad spaceman complete with helmet, mounts his technological platform; he is adorned with many strange alien sound manipulating devices, never before seen by earthlings.

A groove begins on the funky Beat'o'meter. Then the Claudatron swings into action with a smooth, fluid, throbbing bass line. Moments later this is pulsating in a groovy loop.

The Rap Rod is next, with some funky rhythmic scratching. Earthlings are now beginning to feel the beat, uncontrollably moving in a funky fashion. Then as if from space a wild Theremin like wailing emanates from the Claudatron with strangely beautiful alien melodies echoing in the terrestrial city scape.


Then he speaks… with an Alien rap that’s groovy and phat. Suddenly he grabs the Orbatron, coaxing weird sounds from it, and bending them further, using the Transatron. A chaos theory of Alien technology and harmonic articulation with the power to move and groove… will obey

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