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Pete   Full UK Coverage

Pete's show is perfect entertainment for audiences of all ages. His show is fast paced and very visual which also makes it ideal for multi bilingual audiences His repertoire includes his extraordinary juggling skills and other amazing circus tricks. Peter’s show can be tailored to any venue and can vary from a few minutes to an hour in length.

Peter Lambert is ideal for parties of all kind. His parties start with his fantastic juggling show followed by a circus school where the audience can learn from Peter a lot of the circus tricks they have just watched in the show. He finishes his parties with amazing balloon models. Peter can make almost anything out of balloons from helicopters to monkeys on palm trees. His parties are excellent value and can be tailored to any venue and your requirements.

Circus school
Pete's  circus school is an excellent fun hands on activity where you get to have a go at plate spinning, juggling, balancing tricks and many other circus skills.

The circus school is ideal for up to 50 people tacking part but this does depend on size of venue, this can last from 30 minutes till an hour in length but can be tailored to your requirements.


The Masked Juggler
Pete also performs as The Masked Juggler where he performs like The Mask. This is ideal for walkabout events and mix and mingle events as it is very visual and creates lots of interest. Pete can perform as The Masked Juggler for his show and circus school if required. 

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