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Colin Watkins Herts, Bucks, Beds

Colin has an unique magical brand of entertainment. One of his many delights is, that he is able to adapt his performances to suit  your special guests. He can ensure “squeals” of delight as doves, fish and of course Titch the rabbit appears or disappears. 

The show is designed to be flexible to be able to fit any child from 2 years to eight years old. Don't worry if your child is older, they have magic still within their hearts. There is more up his sleeve, he as an amazing older children’s magic illusion show and parties. It is always hard to entertain that age, where everything is boring. Well, relax and let Colin take the strain while his uses his six doves and the rest of his animals to amaze them. So, if sawing them in two or chopping off their heads with a super sharp guillotine sound like fun, Colin's your man!




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