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Peat the Jester
Peat the Jester Nationwide

When Peat first told his family and friends about his ambition to become a fool they were, understandably, concerned!

However, undeterred by their reservations Peat persevered and has spent the last 17 years learning a multitude of talents which, mixed with his own zany brand of humour, has resulted in Devilstick Peat reaching near iconic status within  the  circus, entertainment, and re-enactment communities.

This is where Peat performs at the main entrance half an hour before the event opens. (How long he stays there is up to you, most events have me there until an hour after they open) using his skills as an entertainer to keep the queue happy.

There are several walk about routines that I perform through the day. These can be either magic (Mainly the never ending bananas of doom, or the regurgitating ping pong balls, or puppetry with Nogard the dragon, or woodbine the burping polecat (see my web site for more info.
Peat’s  show is a set show that last around half an hour. It involves a mixture of highly skilled juggling, including balls (up to 5), devilstick, cuddly jesters and either fire or knife juggling, lots of comedy and tommy cooper style magic

Over the years Peat has built up a good medieval encampment comprising of 3 period tents (one 14 foot pavilion and two 10 foot bell tents), a period off the ground cooking fire box, banner, period ladies crafts (E.G. sewing, embroidery, lucet, weaving and braiding) some of which the public can have a go at, and various other bits and pieces (sheepskins, dog cart and more) that all combine to add to the suspension of disbelief.
The fire, crafts and tent area are manned by my fellow jester and long suffering wife, jester dragonfly. She is a jester in her own right with lots of dragon themed magic aimed at the younger children.







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