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Ben C
Bouncy Ben    

Bouncy Ben
Crazy fun and antics with Bouncy Ben!
Including great party games, jokes, prizes, dancing, singing, bubbles, puppets, amazing magic show and balloons.

The Arrgghhhmazing Pirate Ben!!
Dancing at a pirate shindig, cool prizes, story-telling,

Imaginary games such as sailing the pirate ship and walking the plank, Design your own treasure map, pirate magic and tattoos, balloons and fantastic Treasure Hunt!

Cowboy and Indian Party
Cowboy dancing games (eg line dancing competition, cowboy and indian musical statues),

Themed Games such as throw the lasoo around the bucket, throw the snake into the pit and a pinatta, magic, bubbles, singing, cowboy hat balloons and red indian tattoos!

Spiderman to host a Superhero Party!
Learn how to be a superhero for the day, with flying games, speed tests, crazy dancing, fantastic prizes, action-pact storytelling, themed magic show, bubbles, singing, tattoos and balloons.



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